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What is it?  My Lists is a folder that houses lists of properties you have saved.  

1.  You can add a listing to your list from any search results screen (GRID/LIST/MAP/PROPERTY REPORT), select the My Lists Icon, it looks like a folder with a plus sign in the center.

2.  Select the blue 'Add' button next to the list you wish to save the property to.

3.  To create a new list:

  • Click the 'My Lists' Icon.  

  • Select 'Create a New List' 

  • Then name the list and select the blue 'Submit' button.

  • Then select the blue 'Add' button to save the property to your newly created list.

4.  To view and/or load one of your lists, hover over 'Search' and select 'My Lists'.

  • Select the folder icon labeled 'Load'

  • To open a list, click the name of the list.

  • To Rename or Delete a list, select the 3 dot menu 

  • To delete more than one list at a time, click the trash can icon labeled 'Manage'.  Then select the which lists you wish to delete.  Next click 'Delete Selected' in RED.

5.  To delete a listing or multiple listings from one of your lists:

  • Select the folder icon labeled 'Load'

  • Click the name to load the list you wish to remove the listing/s from 

  • Select the listing/s you wish to remove, click the More menu, and click 'Remove Selected'

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