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FastTrac Definitions: Please note, these definitions are Realtracs specific and may be defined or used differently outside the MLS.

Center (Bulls Eye Tool)Used to pin point a location on the map via the address, city, county, zip or major location (such as a university, hospital, airport or park) and drop a pin icon in the center of that location.
LayersUsed as an illustration tool to add distinct representation of the road image with building footprints, the satellite view, boundary lines framing an area or the 'visualization' of something on the map.  
>>>Layers-CountiesBoundary lines in orange outlining specific counties.
>>>Layers-Zip CodesBoundary lines in blue/gray outlining specific zip code areas.
Two dimensional representation of the lands elevation outlined in light gray.
>>>Layers-Flood Hazard ZonesVisual depiction of the Regulatory Floodway and Annual Flood Chances, marking the area in light blue and purple.
Used to draw an area on the map to search for listings. 
>>>Draw-RadiusA circular drawing depicting mileage from a point on the map.  Outlined in black and shaded purple. (To draw a radius, left click and hold down, the point on your map to start, then drag, let go when mileage desired is achieved.)
A line of points having 3 or more sides that create an area from a position on the map.  Outlined in black and shaded purple.  (To draw a traditional polygon, left click and drag to set pins, until your desired area is depicted, then, double click to complete )  
A contoured continuous line with unlimited points that create an area from a position on the map.  Outlined in black and shaded purple.  (To draw a freehanded polygon, left click and hold down while dragging, creating the shape of your desired area, then let go to complete.) 
Near Me
Used to find properties in the area directly around your current geographic location.

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