1. To remove an affiliate please verify that we have not received the requested information, check to see that the user was emailed two notices! One notice to send us the information, and a final notice of removal. 

We wait 7 days to remove them, we want to help as much as we can before removing them.

2. Please search FreshDesk by the users name, email, or phone number to ensure we have not received the information. (If you notice a user was not emailed more than one notice, please email them the notice and give them a call) 

Once all avenues have been explored, then we go to realtracs and deactivate the user. 


4. Take the UserID to Sentrilock, go to users, enter in the UserID

5. After entering the UserID into SentriKey, click on the users name, and go to account settings to change the agents status to terminated. 

6. Send Sentrilock Cancellation email to user. 

Unfortunately, your Sentrilock access has been terminated due to failure to provide your updated Certificate of Insurance. To get your Sentrilock access reinstated, please send your updated COI to Sentrilock@Realtracs.com. I've attached an example COI for you, and we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

7.  Go to spreadsheets for Affiliate Expirations, and Affiliate Contacts remove user from both spreadsheets. 

Right click the line the user is on and cut them from the list to remove them from the spreadsheet.