Inspector Verification

  • Inspectors are required to have a license and the COI 
  • To verify the License only look for the expiration date
  • For the COI Verification look at the boxes for general liability
  • COI needs to have Realtracs as a certificate holder 

Pest Control Verification

  • Pest control clients are required to have a C07 certificate, WDO license and a COI. 
  • However, the license can be used from the owner of the business. Meaning that for pest control users if the owner has a license the other users on the roster do not have to hold a license in their name. 
  • For Pest Control C07 & WDO we can go to the site below with the users last name to check the users current status.

Once we receive the information, then go to Realtracs, upload the documents (merge to PDF if more than one) 

Update details on the spreadsheet with the new dates

Email the user back, and inform them that we have updated our records to reflect the new dates, and remark that you've updated the spreadsheet. This helps the next person doing sentrilock.