1. Start by opening the Excel Document titled Affiliates Expirations.  

We work in advance. We want to notify the affiliates before everything expires. In order to keep all affiliates on the same schedule we only send notices on the 1st and the 15th 

If it is the 15th of the month, you will be sending the First Notice emails for the following month, if it is the 1st of the month, you will be sending the Final Notice emails for the current month. 

For example, on March 15th you will send First Notices for April. On April 1st you will send Final Notice emails for April.  

On months where the 1st and 15th fall on the weekend, we want to send the notices before the 1st or 15th 

Example: We are closed on April 15th, therefore first notices for May should be sent out on April 14th. On the 1st of May we send out Final notices for May, but May 1st is a Sunday therefore on April 29th the May notices need to be sent out before the 1st. 


2. You will start by clicking the Insurance and the Licenses tabs at the bottom of the Excel Document and opening the correct month (pictured below). We will look at the insurance expirations for April 2022 in these examples. 


3. Once you have the correct date pulled up, you can then open a new email in Freshdesk, select that the email is coming from Sentrilock, then select the correct template like Final Notice Request for Certificate of Insurance for example and email each of the users separately. 

4.Please make sure to manually enter the user’s name, and correct the dates for their expiration month. Send the email and close the ticket.