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Settings: Adding a Signature in Realtracs Webmail

FastTrac Steps:

Realtracs provides you with an email address as part of your MLS subscription.  

1.  You can choose to have us host your Realtracs email.  To access your Realtracs webmail account, simply click on the envelope icon on the mail toolbar.  


2.  If you'd prefer to NOT manage another email you can You forward your Realtracs email to a preferred email address and Realtracs will no longer host your email.  To do this, hover over your name and select Email Settings.  Then, select the Forward My Email button.  Add the email you wish us to forward to and click the save icon.

3.  Any listings you share from Realtracs via email will include a signature branding you.  We've designed a standard signature for you, but you can customize it and make it your own as well.  Be sure to click the save icon and then you're done! 

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