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FastTrac Steps:

Setting up your User Profile is an important step in how your listings display via Syndication, display on our public site for Realtracs Leads, as well as sharing listings from Realtracs with your clients.  Having accurate contact information and branding is vital.

1.  Hover over your name in the top right of Realtracs and select 'My Profile'. 

2.  To add a photo/headshot to your profile, select the camera icon.  Find the location of your photo in your device and select the photo you wish to add and then click 'Open'.  To adjust the photo up or down, left or right, click the cross hairs and drag til it sits in the right position and then select Save Photo.


3.  Your First, Middle & Last name reflects what is on your license.  Your 'Display Name' is the name you prefer to go by, ie if your name is William but everyone calls you Bill.  Add job title and any designations as well.

3.  If you are licensed in more than one state, add the additional state licenses by selecting the blue link, adding the number and state and then clicking the blue add button.  You should also add your NRDS ID #.  This allows house data and your information to prefill in Transaction Desk, ie less fields to fill in for you!

4.  Then, add your contact information.  Click the save icon and you're done!

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