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Available to ALL Agents and Brokers, the Realtracs Showing Service is available as part of the Realtracs listing management system, removing the complications of setting up showing details and requesting appointments in another system outside of the MLS!

With this service, you'll be able to:

  • Request showings via a link in the Listing Grid View or Listing Full Report
  • Easily track all future and past appointments
  • Send feedback via an email link or the Feedback Requests section.
  • Receive notifications for appointment updates 
  • Do it all on your Realtracs mobile app
  • Throughout the process, you will receive the following communications via email: 
    • Confirmation that the appointment request was sent to the listing agent
    • Appointment acceptance with showing instructions or appointment decline
    • Cancellation of previously accepted appointment
      All buyer's agent email communications include summary listing info, appointment date/time, and listing agent contact details.

Please Note: This service is developed as part of the Realtracs application and does not include call center capability.


1.  To request a showing you can click Schedule Showing from the Grid View or from the full Property Report under the Office and Showing section.  

2. If the Realtracs Showing Service is in use, an appointment scheduler will open immediately.  Once the appointment scheduler is open, you can choose from the list of available dates and corresponding times. Then, select the Save button and then Confirm submit the request for the appointment.

3.  Next, you will receive an email confirming the request and approval or decline of the showing. All buyer's agent email communications include summary listing info, appointment date/time, and listing agent contact details.  

Add Showing Appointments to a Calendar

You can easily add the accepted showing appointment to your personal or work calendar -- including Gmail and Outlook -- by selecting Add to Calendar. Your calendar entry will include appointment location, start/end times, showing notes, and listing agent contact details.

Cancel Your Appointment

Reference the Showing Accepted email and select Cancel This Appointment at the bottom to take yourself off of the showing schedule. This action alerts the listing agent (also the co-list agent and seller contact, if applicable) to the cancellation.

4.  Following a showing appointment, you may be sent an email with a link to a short form survey for showing appointment feedback.

When you submit new feedback about the listing, the listing agent will receive an email including the feedback details and the contact information of the Buyers Agent.

5.  To Manage all pending and accepted appointments and/or Feedback Requests, hover over Showings, then, select 'Buyers Appointments'.  Quickly view your schedule for the day, print the schedule and even set up a buyer tour.  You can cancel appointments you won't be able to make from here as well and submit feedback.

Listing Agent Changes Listing Status

The system auto-cancels previously approved future appointments and declines pending appointments when:
  • A listing changes from a status where appointments can be requested (Coming Soon, Active or Under Contract Showing) to a status where showings are no longer occurring (UC Not Showing, Closed, Expired, Withdrawn)
  • The Coming Soon ‘Make Active On’ date is pushed out (Note: appointments that are after the new Make Active On date are not affected)

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