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FastTrac Steps:

1.  While entering a listing, to calculate Road Frontage in feet, simply select 'Preview Listing'.  Then, click on the 'Record' link.  This will take you to the Courthouse Retrieval System Property Report.  (CRS)

2.  From here, simply look at the road outlined in the parcel, the feet are already populated.  You can also draw out the distance as well, just select 'View Larger Map.'

3.  For a clearer view of the parcel and road, remove the dimensions by selecting the dimensions map tool and uncheck.  Then zoom in on the parcel. 

4.  Next, select the ruler tool and choose distance.

5.  Next, click or tap on your starting point, then move the blue dashed line to any other point on the map to see how far apart they are. Double-click or tap at your end point to finish your measurement.  Please Note, these measurements are approximate.


6.  You can also go to CRS from the main page in Realtracs.  First hover over Search and select Tax Data.  

7.  Next, select the county and enter the address.  Then just follow steps 2-5 above!

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