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Realtracs Leads

What is it????  Realtracs Leads is a direct to Agent lead tool, connecting thousands of monthly Consumer Visitors of to you!

Realtracs Leads are: 

  • FREE!
  • Direct to you!
  • Over 250,000 Consumer visitors per month!
  • Enhanced privacy, we're no longer displaying your email address on the listings or public



  • When a consumer visits they can complete a quick search, looking for an Address, City, County, School, Zip or even MLS #.

  • When they find a listing that suits their needs they can select the listing and YOUR (the listing agent) business card will populate on the listing.  

  • YOUR potential client (lead) can then select the 'Contact Me About This Property' button in blue. 

  • They will then fill out the the form and select send.  

A confirmation that their message has been shared with you will pop up!

  • YOU (the listing agent) will receive the lead via email with the potential clients contact info.


  • The 'Contact agent' options aren't available on shared listings or auto notify listings.
  • When a client is signed into their Client Portal through Auto Notify the 'Contact agent' options aren't available.  

Still need assistance?  Contact our Support Team!

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p: 615.385.0777