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FastTrac Steps:

1.  To manage your Auto Notify Campaigns, begin by hovering over Search and selecting Auto Notify.  If you have added Auto Notify to your dashboard, you can also click 'go to my Auto Notifies'.

2.  A blue number in the New Column indicates Activity since you last looked at that specific Auto Notify.  The Last Updated column tells you how long ago the latest listing was sent.  To see those new listings in a Grid, List or Map view, click the number.  Here you can see the new results as well as click View All to see past listings sent.  To return to the manager select manager.  Notice the number is now a zero.  

3.  To view all past results in a Grid, List or Map view, click on the Search Name.  From here you can: 

  • View Client Activity (Likes/Comments)
  • Filter the Results (All/New/Selected/Saved/Liked/Disliked/Off Market)
  • Share (Email to AN Client/Email to a different Client or share link)
  • Print (Variety of print options)
  • More ... (Use a variety of tools & 3rd Party Products)


4.  To edit the Search Criteria, click the Magnifying Glass icon under the Edit column.  Enter the new criteria, select search, then next, then save.

5.  To change any Auto Notify settings such as notification preferences or email addresses, click the Gear icon in the Settings column, make the appropriate changes and then save.

6.  You can Deactivate an Auto Notify Search by selecting the More icon (...) and then clicking Deactivate Search.  To see all Inactive Auto Notify Campaigns select the Inactive button.


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