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User Management

Allows Office Broker and Office Admin to set sign in permissions for each user, view an office or multiple office rosters, add users, transfer users and receive incoming transfers. Office Brokers and Office Admins can also see overdue balances, and sponsorship info for each person on their roster from within the User Management Page.

Property Log

Shows modifications made to listings belonging to that office during a specified timeframe.  Upon running this report, an Office Broker or Admin, can see the user name of the individual who modified the listing, which field was modified, the time and date of the modification and the old and new data that has been changed.

Internet Advertising

Allows Office Broker to turn ON/OFF the IDX (Internet Data Exchange) Syndication.  When the option is turned to the "On" position, the Broker is granting the right for other Companies to include the office's listings on their websites.  Also, when turned "On" the Broker may choose from the list provided, which websites they wish to syndicate to.

Overdue Balances

Office Broker or Office Admin can view if there are any overdue balances in their office and whom they belong to.

Office Profile

Here, the Office Broker or Office Admin can modify all office contact info except their Office Name and Broker code.  The ability to list Auction Properties can also be selected/de-selected by the Broker here.

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