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The Realtracs Showing Service is available to ALL Agents and Brokers, as part of the Listing Management system, removing the complications of setting up showing details and requesting appointments in another system outside of your MLS!

With this service, you'll be able to:

  • Set up the showing availability details for your listings
  • Enable showing requests via a link in the listing report 
  • Easily track all future and past appointment details
  • Make showing details visible to sellers
  • Receive notifications for appointment updates 
  • View and manage showing feedback
  • AND do it all on your Realtracs mobile app!

Please Note: This service is developed as part of the Realtracs application and does not include call center capability.


1.  When adding a new listing OR editing a current listing, navigate to the Office and Showing section and select the Realtracs Showing button.

2. Next, enter in the showing details.  The following showing settings are available:

  • Auto Accept New Requests: aka “Go and Show.”
  • Overlap Showing Times: Allows multiple showing appointments to occur at once, as well as limit the number of allowed overlaps.
  • Appointment Duration: Choose from 15, 30, or 60 minute increments.
  • Listing Agent Notification Preference: Designate either text and/or email. 
  • Showing Notes: Include showing details, e.g. how to access the property, alarm codes, showing instructions etc.
  • Request Feedback: Automatically request feedback from buyer's agents.
  • Seller Contact Details: Add contact information for property owners that want to be involved.
  • Seller Text Notifications + Showing Portal: Add up to two sellers to the notifications and view a showing portal.
  • Feedback in the Seller Portal: Instantly share all buyer agent feedback with your sellers.
  • Showing Availability: Choose a time range for showings to occur.
  • Minimum Notice Required: Create a scheduling buffer to help your seller prepare.
  • Showing Schedule Restrictions: Prevent showings for a whole day or specific date/time.

Note: When Seller Text Notifications and Showing Portal is selected, the contact identified will receive an opt in text message they must click in order to receive showing request notifications that link to their Showing Portal.

3.  Next complete your listing and publish as Coming Soon or Active or, if editing, just click the save icon and exit.

4.  When a new showing appointment is requested by the Buyers Agent, the Listing Agent receives a text and/or email message with a link to their showing activity.  

The Seller also receives a text message that includes a link to 'opt into messaging' that they MUST click in order to receive text messages requesting showings and access to their Seller Showing Portal.

                                         Agent Approve or Decline                                  

Auto Accept

5.  To Manage, Approve or Decline showing appointment requests, click the link in the text message or email OR from the Realtracs tool bar, hover over Showings, then select 'Seller Appointments'

Note: If the listing has an assigned co-listing agent from the same office, they may also view and manage the showing appointments.  

  • The Seller also receives a text message that includes a link to 'opt into messaging' that they MUST click in order to receive text messages requesting showings and access to their Seller Showing Portal.

Seller Opt Into Messaging 

Approve or Decline 

Auto Accept 


                                        Seller Portal 

6.  If, while setting up the listing for showings, you turned 'Request Feedback' ON, the automated feedback process is enabled for the listing.  Following a showing appointment, the buyer's agent is sent an email with a link to a short form survey to submit their feedback.

When the Buyers Agent submits new feedback about the listing, the listing agent will receive an email including the feedback details and the contact information of the Buyers Agent that submitted the feedback.  The Feedback tab in the listing agent's showing appointments page displays both outstanding and completed feedback. 

Note: Showing feedback can be shared with the seller via the seller portal when enabled by the listing agent.

Listing Agent Changes Listing Status

The system auto-cancels previously approved future appointments and declines pending appointments when:
  • A listing changes from a status where appointments can be requested (Coming Soon, Active or Under Contract Showing) to a status where showings are no longer occurring (UC Not Showing, Closed, Expired, Withdrawn)
  • The Coming Soon ‘Make Active On’ date is pushed out 
(Note: appointments that are after the new Make Active On date are not affected)

Still need assistance?  Contact our Support Team!

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