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Add A New Listing

FastTrac Steps:

1.  From the Office & Showing section of your listing under "Showing Service" select the Realtracs button.  

2.  The following showing settings are available:

  • 30-minute appointment increments: Appointments are available between 8:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Seller Managed Showing Appointments: Add a seller to the listing so they receive text messages about new requests
  • Auto Accept: New appointment requests auto acceptance aka “Go and Show”
  • Showing Notes: Include showing details in the confirmation email sent to selling agent after a new request is accepted
  • Showing Schedule Restrictions: prevent showings for a whole day or for a specific time range on a day

When Seller Manages Requests is selected, the contact identified will receive showing request notifications.

3.  Appointment requests are processed from a listing report via the showing service link:

4.  Once open, selling agents can choose from the available dates/times for an appointment.

5.  When a new appointment request is saved, the following occurs:

  • The listing agent gets a text with a link to their showing activity
  • The Seller is set up to manage showings they get a text with a link to their seller portal
  • The Selling Agent gets an email and text letting them know their request was sent

6.  The listing agent will manage appointments in their Showing Activity page: 

7.  The Seller can manage appointments in the Seller Showing Portal, when applicable.

The Seller will receive the following communications via email: 

  • Confirmation that the appointment request was sent to the listing agent
  • Appointment acceptance with showing instructions or appointment decline
  • Cancellation of previously accepted appointment 

All selling agent email communications include summary listing info, appointment date/time, and listing agent contact details.

8.  If the listing changes status:  

Listings that go from a status where appointments can be requested: Coming Soon, Active or Under Contract Showing, to a status where showings are no longer occurring: UC Not Showing, Closed, Expired, Withdrawn and/or listings where the Coming Soon ‘Make Active On’ date is pushed out then:
  • the system will Auto-cancel all previously approved appointments 
  • A) after current date/time or 
  • B) between current date/time and new Make Active On Date
  • OR
  • Decline all pending appointments 
  • A) after current date/time or 
  • B) between current date/time and new Make Active On Date


The Realtracs Showing Service features are available via the Realtracs mobile app and internet browsers.

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