FastTrac Steps:

If you are going to show a home in an area with unreliable cellular service, follow the steps below to unlock the lockbox that is located at the property.

1.  Before you start traveling to the home and in an area with good cellular service, open the Sentrikey application on your phone.  After opening the app, leave the Sentrikey app either open or minimized.  But do not exit out of the app completely.

2.  Then after arriving at the home.  Go to the Settings within your phone.  And turn on Airplane mode.  After turning on Airplane mode, make sure that bluetooth is still enabled on your phone.  If bluetooth is disabled, enable bluetooth.

3.  Exit out of your phone's Settings app, and go to the main page of your phone's Sentrikey application that shows the person's hand touching a lockbox.

4.  Press the physical enter key on your lockbox.  The lockbox will unlock after pressing enter on the lockbox and after the Sentrikey app then verifies your identity through touch id, face id, or your 4 digit Sentrilock pin.

  • The above directions will work with any of the newer lockboxes in our market, which is about 99% of the lockboxes that people will run into when showing a property. The new lockboxes all have the tan front.  The older lockboxes are almost completely blue in color and don't have a tan front.

  • For any older lockboxes in an area with a bad cellular signal, unfortunately the above steps won't work because the older lockboxes aren't bluetooth enabled.  For older lockboxes, the best thing for the showing agent to do is to contact the listing agent prior to traveling to the home, the showing agent will need to ask the listing agent to generate a one day code from within their Sentrikey app. 

**Note: Only the listing agent can generate a one day code for their lockbox, the listing agent will give that code to the showing agent.  The code can then be manually entered into the older lockbox to unlock the lockbox so that the home can be shown.  The code expires after one day.

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