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Create a Custom List Layout-Legacy

FastTrac Steps:

Layouts are the formatted results, in a list view, that are available to view and print. Realtracs default list layout contains the most commonly viewed fields.  To customize them to suit your needs follow the steps below!

1. First, complete any search from quick search and or additional search options, then select the List tab. 

2.  The default list layout contains the most commonly viewed fields.  To add/remove a column select the settings gear and choose Add/Remove Columns 

3.  Check/Uncheck the columns you to add or remove.  Scroll to find fields to add/remove, or use the "filter items" section to simply enter in the field name you'd like to add/remove as a column on

your list view.

4.  Once all of your preferred fields are selected/deselected choose "Save as New Layout".  Enter the name of your new lay out and select "Save" to simply save it as a layout that you can choose from when you need it.  OR select "Save as Default" to show these columns every time you look at your list view. 

5.  To re-arrange the columns to suit your needs simply hover over the column name, then, click and drag the column where you want it to go.  Realtracs with auto save the column order to the layout you created.

 6.  To select a different layout, change your default layout, rename your layout or delete your layout altogether, select the settings gear again and this time choose "Layouts". 

7.  Now choose the action you wish to take, change layout default, select a different layout, edit/re-name a layout or delete a layout, then simply select close!

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