How to transfer a lockbox into a users name?

Written permission is needed from previous owner when transferring from one agent to another, have them send it to

There are exceptions: If the agent or owner is orphaned in the system, written permission is not required.

Sentrikey Account Numbers Help

Accounts that start with _____ means:

A=Sentrikey Card 

P=mean they have the app

E=means affiliates

1) Look user up in membership and Copy external ID

2) Go to Sentrikey > Lockboxes> Enter the lock box serial #> 

3) Click on the serial number

4) Hit transfer> select> Paste the external ID> search> submit change

5) If user is in office, the transfer expiration date is 7 days

  - If user is not in office, put 120 days

6) Submit transfer request

Once I have placed the following lockbox into a pending transfer: (lockbox#)
You will now need to do the following:

Non-Bluetooth Lockbox:
Step 1.) Insert your card into the lockbox (listen for a quick beeping noise that's you taking possession) don’t press anything just wait for it to go to code but don’t enter anything!
Step 2.) Update your card (no matter if you just did this, do it again after inserting into new lockbox) using your card reader (this is you OFFICIALLY taking possession)

Bluetooth Lockbox:
Step 1.) Open the app
Step 2.) Power on the lockbox by pressing the ENT button
Step 3.) Give the correct Security to open box
Step 4.) Once you open it, it is now completely in your name
You will have a 120 days to complete this process before the system erases the pending transfer.