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Complete a Quick Search, Additional Search Options

Definitions of Map Terms

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FastTrac Steps:

1.  From the dashboard, select Additional Search Options. 

2.  To collapse the criteria panel and expand the map, click Hide Search.   

3.  To the right, select which tool you'd like to use to search.  Center, Layers, Draw, Near Me.  You can use one, or combine multiple map tools to set up your search.  

4. Use the Center (Bullseye) tool to find a location on the map to start from.  You can enter in an Address, City, County, Zip Code, even Subdivision, Neighborhood or Major Location like a University, Hospital or Airport.  As you enter in common info, multiple options may appear, select the correct one to drop a pin on the map.  For Subdivision/Neighborhood/Major Location, just enter in the name of the Locale i.e.. Nashville International Airport and the City and State and hit enter. 

5. A blue pin will drop on the map in the location you were looking for.  

  • From here you can select the Search this area button to find properties around that location that are for sale.  


6.  Choose to add Layers.  Satellite Imagery (includes street names), County, Zip Codes, Topography or Flood Zones.  

  • Select the Satellite layer to see a satellite view with street names included.

  • Toggle the Counties layer on and counties will outline in orange, the county names will be bolded.
  • Toggle the  Zip Codes layer on, zoom in, and zip codes will outline in blue gray, the zip codes will be bolded.  
  • Toggle the Topography layer on, zoom in, and the land elevation lines will appear.  (Street view or Satellite view) in light gray.

  • Toggle the Flood Hazard Zones layer on, zoom in, and flood zones will outline in light blue and shades of purple.

7.  To Draw a specific area, select the draw button, the draw menu will present over the map tools menu on the right.  To draw a radius select the circle.  To draw a polygon (multi angle shape) select the multi segmented line.  If you select draw by mistake, or you want to add more criteria to a search, just select the blue Exit Drawing Mode button.  


  • Radius: Select the Circle, then, move your cursor to the area you wish to draw.  To begin drawing, left click your mouse and without releasing it, drag the mouse until you arrive at the appropriate distance and release.


  • Polygon Traditional: select the multi segmented line, then, move your cursor to the area you wish to draw. Click to begin, then move your cursor to the next area, click again and continue this to set pins to establish the area, once your area is fully depicted, double click to complete.

  • Polygon Freehand: select the multi segmented line, then, move your cursor to the area you wish to draw. Click to begin, then drag your cursor in the shape you wish it to be.  Let go and your shape is complete.

***Note!  Add up to 5 drawings and cross up to 10 counties on your map.  

8. After drawing the area you wish you can select the blue Search Listings button, to search for properties in those drawn areas.   

 9To refine your results to meet specific criteria, select the Refine Search magnifying glass icon on the left, enter in criteria on the panel and select the blue Search button.  

10.  To edit a drawing, you must be in draw mode, select the draw button, click inside the shaded area of your drawing.  You can use the extender icons in the corners to expand the entire drawing.  

Or you can click in the shaded area again and select a specific section of the drawing to grow or condense by clicking and dragging the bubbles. 

If you select an orange bubble, the area you move in or out will be wider.  For a narrow route choose a white bubble.  

11.  To delete a single drawing, click inside the shaded area and click delete on your keyboard or tag the red X on the right side of the drawing.   

To delete all drawings on the map at once, click the Trash Can icon under the draw menu.

 12.  Lastly, you can search using the map by selecting the Near Me option.  This will use your location services to search for properties that are for sale near you.  


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