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FastTrac Steps:

1. To Transfer a user, from the Realtracs main page, go up to Admin and click on User Management.  


2. In line with the agent you wish to transfer, click on the 3 dots.  Then click on Transfer User.  


3. On the Transfer User window, you can indicate where the agent is going. Choose to transfer the agent to either a known office or to not a known office. If the office is known, type in the office name. Then click on the correct office from the list that populates below where you are typing. If there are any active listings, you can indicate if the listings are being assigned to someone else in your office, withdrawn, or transferred with the agent to their new brokerage.   


4. If you are assigning the listing to another agent in your office, you can type the name of the agent on the line below and select them from the list.  


5. If you are wishing to withdraw the listing and terminate the listing agreement. You can select Withdraw. 


6. When receiving a transfer, you will go up to Admin and click on User Management.  


7. You will see the agent and the Status as Incoming. Click on the Accept button. 


8. On the Accept Incoming Transfer window, click on the Accept.


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