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Create a Custom List Layout, Create a Default Search

FastTrac Steps: 

1.  To save custom search criteria, you can draw on the map, just enter in a location in the find location field above the map, select the magnifying glass icon to drop a pin on the map, click the draw button and draw an area. You can also enter in any Common Criteria & Additional Criteria if applicable and then select the green Search button. (fig 1)

(fig 1)

(fig 2)

2.  Next, select the gray Save button and name the search.  Then click save. (fig 3)

(fig 3)

2.  To run the Custom Search again, open the Saved Search Folder located on the left side of the Common Criteria panel.  Then select the search you wish to run again and click the load button.  You can also Rename, Copy or Delete the search as well, just click the More button and choose the action you wish to take. (fig 4 & 5)

                            (fig 4)                                                                                                                                    (fig 5)

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