What is Clear Cooperation?

Real estate practitioners from all over the U.S. asked the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to consider a policy that would reinforce the benefits of broker cooperation.  After discussion in a number of committees including NAR’s MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board (comprised of brokers and MLS executives), the Clear Cooperation proposal was introduced for discussion and consideration.  It was ultimately approved by NAR’s Board of Directors at the 2019 NAR Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  Because Clear Cooperation is a national policy, adoption by Realtor Association MLS's is mandated to ensure consistent standards.

The Intent of NAR's Clear Cooperation Policy

Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0 went into effect May 1, 2020.

Clear Cooperation intends to reinforce cooperation among competing brokers for those who choose to participate in MLS's for the benefit of sellers and buyers by eliminating the practice of taking, marketing, and selling pocket listings. Pocket listings generally run counter to the broad exposure of listings, to maximizing the number of received offers, to cooperation among all broker participants in the MLS, and to maximizing exposure of the listing to all potential buyer demographics.