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Q:  Are there assessed fees for the office?

A:  No.  Any unlicensed staff person in your office with access to the Realtracs system will be billed $15 per month.

Q: What is a Sponsored user Account?

A:  A sponsored account allows you to take financial responsibility for the individual accounts of other users in your office.  This includes ALL charges including SentriLock, Auto Notify charges and any with draw/relist fees and or fines.

Q:  Can I just sponsor and pay for the monthly service charges only?

A:  No.  If you sponsor a user's account, you will be responsible for all charges incurred on that account.

Q:  Can I remove an account once sponsored?

A:  Yes.  Select the user you would like to remove in the Sponsored Accounts section of billing and click Remove Sponsorship

What are the MLS Fees?


Q:  When are subscription fees billed?

A:  Subscription fees are billed on the first day of each month.  

Q:  How much are my fees? 

A:  The monthly cost for use of the MLS is $42.

Q:  What types of payment do you accept?

A:  The billing system accepts all major credit and debit cards.  ACH payments from a checking or savings account are accepted as well.  

Q:  Do I need to login every month to pay?

A:  No.  Your account information is stored securely and processed by Stripe, an industry leader in payment processing used by companies such as Under Armor, Amazon and Uber.

Q:  Can I make a payment at the Realtracs office or mail my payment in?

A:  No. All payments must be made online via the billing system.

Q:  How are any with draw/relist fees I incur paid?

A:  All $25 withdraw/relist fees incurred will be charged immediately to the payment method on file.  

Q:  My broker is paying for my account.  However, when I login to Realtracs it is requesting that I add a payment Method.  Why?

A:  In order for your account to be paid by the office, your broker must add you to the list of sponsored accounts for the office.  To learn how to sponsor an account click here.

Q:  When will I be billed for additional charges or fees?

A:  Extra charges for withdraw/relist fees, fines, etc. will be charged as they are incurred.

Q:  Does my personal assistant need a Realtracs account and how much does it cost?

A:  YES.  Anyone using the MLS in any capacity must have their own account and login credentials.  A Licensed Personal Assistant monthly fee is $42.00.  An Un-licensed Personal Assistant monthly fee is $25.00.

Q: Can my personal assistant just use my login information instead of paying a fee?

A:  NO.  Anyone using the MLS in any capacity must have their own account and login credentials.

Q: Can I pay for my personal assistant's service fee?

A:  YES.  You can choose to sponsor your personal assistant's account and their bill will be sent to your Realtracs billing page for payment.  To learn how to sponsor an account click here.

Q: Can I pay for my Realtracs service with my bank's Automatic Bill Pay service?

A:  NO.  Payments must be made online at Realtracs via the secure stored payment processing system Stripe.

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