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Choosing the Correct Listing Status, Definitions: Listing Status,

Clear Cooperation Policy, Exempt Listings, Area School Zone Info

FastTrac Video:

FastTrac Steps:

1.  Hover over My Listings and select Listing Management, then select the plus icon to Add New Listing. (fig 1 & 2)

(fig 1)

(fig 2)

2.  As the listing agent, your name will auto populate, if you are an admin/assistant/broker, you will need to enter in the name of the listing agent you are working on behalf of.  Enter in the address, you will notice that multiple address will appear, choose the one that best matches your property.  Then select the radio button when the tax id # is captured from CRS.  Click the next button. (fig 3)

(fig 3)

3.  This page allows you to enter in any part of the address that didn't populate and that may need to be added, you will also scroll down and add directions.  Directions must have a know starting point and accurate directions to the front of the property.  You can then select back- to go back to previous page, save draft-to save the listing up to this point and come back later, or save and continue-to enter in the rest of the listing information. (fig 4)

(fig 4)

4. The icons on the left show the different sections of your listing.  To enter your listing page by page, simply scroll down to fill out the section in its entirety then select the blue next button.  To hop around from section to section click on the icons to the left. Note, not all fields are required, you will see the word optional under those. (fig 5)

(fig 5)

  • red exclamation point indicates that a required field is missing.  
  • green checkmark indicates that all required fields are complete.

5.  In the Geographical Location field, click on the blue map pin.  To help you visually locate the property select the layers button, if the pin is already in the correct location just hit save, if not, drop the pin in the correct location by dragging the pin to proper location. Then click save.  (fig 6 & 7) 

(fig 6) (fig 7)

6.  To locate the appropriate school that the home is zoned for, select the blue "view area school information" link.  Then, enter in the schools. (fig 8 & 9) 

(fig 8)

(fig 9)

7.  In the Listing Details section, enter in all required info, in the public remarks field you have 500 characters to describe the property.  The Office & Showing section is where you will add compensation.  This is required.  For a better understanding of each type of compensation, hover over the blue letter i for a definition.  (fig 10 & 11)

(fig 10)

(fig 11)

8.  There are 3 types of Media you can add to  your listing.  Photos, Documents (Agent eyes only) and Listing Links/URL's.  

  • At a minimum, at least 1 photo MUST be added to the listing, prior to saving as Coming Soon or Active.  To add photos to your listing you can drag and drop individual photos or simply choose the plus icon and add up to 50 at one time.  This will open the drive, or location in your computer where photos live.  Locate your listing photos, choose the first photo, then, while holding the shift key down, use the down arrow on your keyboard to grab the rest of the photos.  Then click open.  Your photos will load automatically to Realtracs.  (fig 12)  

(fig 12)

  • The first picture is the Primary Photo.  You can re-arrange the photos by clicking and dragging them in the order you prefer.  The pencil/paper icon allows you to add a caption to each photos describing it up to 250 characters.   If any picture loaded sideways, use the blue curvy arrow to rotate the picture until it is right side up. To delete a photo click the trash can icon.  (fig 13 &14)

(fig 13)

(fig 14)

  • “To Be Built” properties have the primary photo default as a house blue print with the words To Be Built.  If New Construction or To Be Built, you may also include floor plans, elevation sketches and photo renderings of similar properties. Note, it is always a good rule of thumb to caption photo renderings or sample photos as such, so as not to confuse potential buyers. (fig 15 & 16)   

(fig 15)

(fig 16)

  • Documents are added the same as photos.  To add Documents you can drag and drop individual documents or simply choose the plus icon and add up to 7 at one time.  This will open the drive, or location in your computer where documents live.  Locate your listing documents, choose the first document, then, while holding the shift key down, use the down arrow on your keyboard to grab the rest of the documents.  Then click open.  Your documents will load automatically to Realtracs.  
  • The pencil/paper icon allows you to edit the name of the document.  To delete a document click the trash can icon. 
  • To add Links choose the plus icon and add up to 7 URL's/Links total. Enter in the description of the link, then paste the hyperlink in and choose the category, then click save.
  • The pencil/paper icon allows you to edit the link description/hyper link/category.  To delete a link click the trash can icon.  (fig 17 &18)

(fig 17)

(fig 18)

9.  You can choose to share the listing with third party websites or select no and the listing will only be visible to Realtracs subscribers.  (fig 19)

(fig 19)

10.  You can preview the listing prior to saving it as Coming Soon or Active.  To save the listing, select save as and then choose how you wish to proceed.  (fig 20)

(fig 20)

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