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FastTrac Steps:

Realtracs' automatic billing system takes the worry out of paying membership fees, subscriptions and sponsorships!  A sponsored account allows you to take financial responsibility for the individual accounts of other users in your office. This includes ALL charges including Sentrilock, Auto Notify charges, withdraw/relist fees, or fines.


1.  From the menu bar, find your name on the right and click the down arrow, select Billing Info (fig 1)

 (fig 1)

2.  Scroll down on the billing page and choose Add Sponsored Account, then you search for the recipient by typing in their name, or scrolling down to find them.  Select the name you wish to sponsor.

(fig 2 &3)

                                            (fig 2)                                                                                                                                         (fig 3)

3.  Once you've selected the recipient, you must agree to the terms by typing AGREE and then clicking on the next button.  (fig 4)   

(fig 4)

4.  A confirmation will pop up and then click ok.  You can remove a sponsored account anytime.  Simply select the user you would like to remove and then click the trash can icon. (fig 5)   

(fig 5)     

Subscriber Fee$42.00Monthly
Personal Assistant (Licensed)$42.00Monthly
Personal Assistant (Unlicensed)$25.00Monthly
Office Staff Assistant$15.00Monthly

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