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FastTrac Steps:

On occasion, you may need to copy one of your Active listings.  All listing content, including photos with the exception of List Date & Expiration Date can be copied to create a new listing.   

Note: An Agent can ONLY copy their OWN listings. A broker or office administrator w/broker privilege's can copy one agent's listing to another if both agents are within that office.

1.   From Manage Listings, select the more menu (...) and choose Copy Listing.  

2.  Choose the Property Class, yes or no to copy photos and click the Create Copy button. 

3.  The copy will be in Incomplete status and will open up in Edit view.  Complete all of the required fields, making sure to adjust for any variances in the data from the original active listing.  Then save and exit or save as...Coming Soon or Active. 

please note: If you need to copy a previously Expired, Closed or Withdrawn Listing in excess of 30 days or more, select Search My Listings in the top left corner of the Manage Listings page, enter the MLS # in the Search by MLS# field and click search.  Then follow steps 1, 2 & 3 from above.    

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