An AutoNotify Campaign is an automated process whereby Realtracs® takes an Agent's pre-defined search and sends out an automatic notification when a listing, that meets the pre-determined criteria, comes on the market, back to the market, has a status change, or price change of $1k or more.

FastTrac Steps:

1.  To begin, hover over Search and select the property class.  Enter in any Common Criteria and Additional Criteria that may apply and select the green search button.  To save as AutoNotify, select the gray arrow next to the save button.

2.  Then, enter the Auto Notify Name (the description to help you identify which AN it is, this will also be the Subject line of your email if you do not customize your email settings), Pick a Contact (if you have contacts saved in Realtracs), or Create a New Contact (click on the blue plus icon, fill it out and click save).  Tag the slider to send to your Client, allow them to Like/Comment and/or send you an agent copy.  Then select the Customize Email Settings button.

3.  Next, choose the schedule for the notifications, instant, daily, or weekly.  Remember the Email Subject line is the same as the Search Name so you can change it here.  Enter in the Email subject and body.  Then Save.


4. Next, select Share All if you wish to share all of the listings you found when setting up the Auto Notify.  Share Some, if you you wish to only share select listings, Manage, to go to the Auto Notify Manager or All Done, to move on to your next task or search.

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