FastTrac Video:

FastTrac Steps:

1Start by hovering over property search, select the property class, and select a status. (fig. 1 & 2)

(fig. 1 & 2)

2. To locate a specific address on the map, enter the address of the location in the find location field, include city and state or zip code and then select the magnifying glass icon.  You may also search by name of location, just be sure to include city and state or zip code and then select the magnifying glass icon. This will drop a pin on the map.  

3. To draw a specific area, select the draw button, the draw menu will be located on the left of the map. 

There are 4 drawing options.  

  • Traditional Polygon: Freehand Polygon: Radius: Square/Rectangle:

4. To add layers select the layers icon 

  • Check the Counties  box and counties will outline in orange, the county names will be bolded.
  • Check the Zip Codes box, zoom in and zip codes will outline in green, the zip codes will be bolded.  
  • Check the Flood Hazard Zones box, zoom in and flood zones will outline in blues and purple.

5. To change the view from road view to aerial view select the imagery button located on the right

side of the map.  (fig. 3 & 4)

(fig. 3 & 4)

6. To edit/delete a drawing, the draw menu must be present.  To edit, click inside the shaded area of your drawing.  You can use the extender icons in the corners to expand the entire drawing or you can select a specific area of the drawing to grow or condense by clicking and dragging the bubbles.  If you select gray, the area you move in or out will be wider. For a narrow route choose a white bubble.  To delete the drawing, click inside the shaded area and tag the red X on the right side of the drawing  (fig. 5)  Add up to 5 drawings and cross up to 10 counties on the map.

(fig. 5)

7. To add other criteria to search using the map, enter in the Common Criteria and/or the Additional Criteria Fields and select the green Search Button.  A maximum of 250 properties will show on the Map.  A maximum of 500 properties will show on the List, Thumbnail and Full view.  (fig. 6) 

(fig. 6)