The Client Portal is a tool that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your clients. After logging into this feature, your client can like or dislike listings, make comments, and see the listings that you've recommended. As an agent, this information is viewed and managed from within the Auto-Notify feature.

Enabling the Client Portal

For Existing Auto-Notifies:

  1. From the Property Search tab, choose the Auto Notify option. This will take you to the Auto-Notify management page. 
  2. From the Auto-Notify management page, select the Settings icon for the search you'd like to enable the Client Portal for. 
  3. You will now see three categories of settings: Description & Contacts, Email Notifications, and Client Portal Settings. Click the Client Portal Settings category to view the Client Portal options. 
  4. Toggle the option to Enable Client Portal & send invitation(s) On. When this is done, the toggle switch will be displayed in blue. 
  5. Under Portal Notification Frequency, choose which time of day you'd like to receive client portal notifications. You'll have three options: Once a day (5 pm), Throughout the day, and None. 
  6. Once you complete all of the Client Portal Settings options, click Save

For New Auto-Notifies:

For detailed instructions on how to create an Auto-Notify search, please see the AutoNotify ClientPortal: Create article. 

  1. You'll first need to enter your Auto-Notify's search parameters, click search, and then proceed to the step requesting your client's email contact information before you're able to enable the Client Portal option. 
  2. Be sure to complete the Description & Contacts and Email Notification sections of the Auto-Notify Settings before clicking the Client Portal Settings section. 
  3. Toggle the option to Enable Client Portal & send invitation(s) On. When the option is enabled, the toggle switch will display in blue. 
  4. Under Portal Notification Frequency, choose which time of day you'd like to receive the Client Portal notifications. There are three options to choose from: Once a day (5 pm), Throughout the day, and None. 
  5. Once you have completed all of the auto-notify settings, including the Description & Contacts and Email Notification sections, click Save

View Liked or Disliked Listings, Read Comments, or Recommend Listings to your Client

From the Auto-Notify Management page, click on the description of the Auto-Notify that you've recently enabled the Client Portal for. On the right-hand side of each listing, you'll see 5 columns: 

  • Likes: Allows you to see which listings your client likes or dislikes. Liked listings will appear with a green thumbs up and disliked listings will display a red thumbs down. 
  • Comments: Clicking the speech bubble allows you to add, view, or reply to comments for that listing
  • Recommend: Saves a listing and recommends that listing to your client. To save the listing, click the star so that it is filled in yellow. 
  • Activity Stream: Allows viewing the activity for each listing as well as when they were saved as a recommendation or shared
  • Trash: Removes the listing from both the Auto-Notify results page and the Client Portal. 

Viewing Recent Activity for All Listings Shared Through a Client Portal

RealTracs displays an alert for Client Portal activity on both the Auto-Notify Management page and on the Auto-Notify results page. Alerts are indicated with a blue bell followed by the number of activities that have occurred since the Auto-Notify's results page was last visited. You'll find this bell just to the right of the New column on the Auto-Notify Management page and within the navigation bar of the Auto-Notify search results page. 

Receive Emails Regarding Client Portal Activity

Be sure that you've selected a Portal Notification Frequency other than None if you wish to receive email notifications about the activity on a Client Portal. You can view all recent activity and reply to comments directly from the email notifications that are received. 

Further Questions? 

Our technical support team is available Monday - Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm via online chat, phone, or email. Saturday support is also available from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We can be reached at 615-385-0777 or at