1. Perform a Property Search within RealTracs.  Once search results display, select a listing or group of listings by clicking the check mark box for each listing that you wish to share.
2. After having selected one or more listings, click on the Share button.  Then from the Share drop down menu, click on Create Shareable Link.
3. Click Copy Link for the format you would like to share, Buyer or Agent Report.

4. Paste the link into the social media platform you'd like to use, into a text message field, or into the body of an email message.
5. Pasting can be performed on a computer by either right clicking and choosing the Paste option or by using the Ctrl+ V (Windows) or COMMAND + V (Mac).

6. To paste on a mobile device, tap within a text message field or within any text box.  When you tap, a menu will display.  Choose the paste option from the menu.