RealTracs now utilizes a new and more secure sign in and password recovery system. This page is designed to explain the change, demonstrate the new sign in procedures, and provide answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why Change?

Simple. RealTracs needs to increase security in an increasingly insecure electronic world. The MLS has utilized a third-party sign in and security provider for several years, but as technology has evolved the protection has not.

RealTracs' new system will allow users to utilize password managers such as LastPass or 1Password, as well as the built-in password manager tools from Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. This new sign in screen is also mobile-centric in design and will allow users to access RealTracs on a mobile device faster than ever before.

What About Security?

Hackers are always trying to get ahead of security protections, and RealTracs has to stay a step ahead to prevent it. 

The new RealTracs password manager utilizes two security features to fight back against identity thieves.

  • First, your RealTracs profile picture will display on the password entry screen. Displaying your profile picture is a layer of security that helps ensure the sign in page is legitimate.
  • Second, two-factor authentication has been implemented. So, if your password gets compromised, the would-be thief would also need something additional to gain access such as your email or mobile phone.

How Does it Work?

Where you sign in has not changed. Go to just as you always have and you will see the sign in page below.

  • Enter your user name and click Next.
  • Enter your existing RealTracs password and Click Next.
    • Your RealTracs profile picture will display on the password page (if you do not have a profile picture added, click here for instructions). RealTracs highly recommends all users add a profile photo. Doing so further boosts sign in security by guarding against identity thieves who create "spoof" sign in pages designed to capture your secure password information.


Need to Update Your Contact Information?

The first time users access the new sign in, they will be required to verify and/or update their contact information. This is to ensure verification codes are sent to the correct mobile phone or email. Users can defer the decision until a later time, but the information must be updated by April 1, 2019.

Once the contact information is verified or updated, click Next.

The RealTracs account will then be verified with 2-Step Verification. Select where the verification code should be sent (mobile phone or email address), and click Next.

A verification code will be sent to the selected destination. Enter the code and click Next to log in to the system.

Please note: the 2-Step Verification process only needs to be completed once every thirty (30) days (or during the process of password recovery). The sign in system remembers up to three devices at a time per user.

Forget Your Password?

It happens to all of us. The great thing with the new sign in system is you now have three different ways to retrieve a lost password.


  1. The first step is to click Forgot Password from the password entry page.
  2. Select your mobile phone or email where you want the code to be sent.
  3. Once you receive the code, enter it in the Verification box and click Next
  4. You will then be required to update your password with the following security features:
    1. Minimum of 8 characters, and at least three of the following
      1. Upper case letter
      2. Lower case letter
      3. A number
      4. A special character
  5. Confirm your newly created password.
  6. Click Update to log in to RealTracs

Please note: a green check mark will appear next to the required features as they satisfied.  



If you do not have access to either your saved mobile phone number or email address, click Other Options from the Reset your Password Page.

One option is to send a password reset code to your broker.  Once the code is acquired follow steps 3-6 above.


If your broker is unavailable to give you the code, you can also contact RealTracs support for assistance. 

  1. To begin, click the Try another way link on the Reset Your Password Page.
  2. Call RealTracs support at 615-385-0777. 
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter the code supplied by the support representative.