Manage Listings is the future home for all things Add/Edit. You will see regular updates to help replace existing Add/Edit with new, mobile friendly Manage Listings functionality.

As we work to gradually help improve things, we want (and need) your feedback. To open up the feedback loop, we are making the Manage Listings Beta version available to you. This is a new, fully functional, and secure part of the RealTracs application. And it serves as a launching area that ties together new functionality with existing add/edit actions.

Manage Listings will become the primary place to access all listing management interactions by mid-2019.

How Does it Work?

To get to Manage Listings, select the Manage Listings Beta option under the My Page menu.

You will see all of the listings that you have access to in this view, including properties that you have co-listed. To narrow down your list of results, click Search My Listings.

To view or preview the Full Report, click the link.

Click the pencil icon to Edit Listing. Click the ellipses (…) icon to see all More Edit Options, including:

  • Change Status*
  • Open House*
  • Copy Listing*
  • Manage Media*
  • Delete (Incomplete only)

*Note: These actions currently take you to the existing Add/Edit and will gradually be replaced with new, more user-friendly functionality.

Select the Add New Listing* button to create a new listing.

*Note: This action currently takes you to the existing add listing functionality and will be replaced with a new, more user-friendly way to add new listings.