Creating a Realtracs CMA:

  1. Conduct a property search containing search criteria similar to that of your subject property.  
  2. Select the listings that you wish to use as comparables within the report. 
  3. With the comparables selected, navigate to the More drop-down menu and choose the CMA option.

Customizing a Realtracs CMA:

  • RealTracs allows you to add subject property/ client information and agent information to the CMA report. To customize this info, click the gear icon at the top-right of the CMA report's page. You will then see two tabs where this information can be modified. Be sure to click Save for each tab in order to refresh the report with the updated information. 

Sharing a Realtracs CMA:

  • RealTracs now allows you to share a CMA from its report page. Clicking the Share iconwill allow you to copy a link to your computer's memory that can be pasted within an instant message, email, or text. After clicking the icon, just select the CMA Report button and paste the link within the location of your choosing.
  • Please note: To paste a link, right-click into any field allowing text input and choose the Paste option.