1. On the RealTracs homepage, navigate to the My Listings tab found on the large blue bar at the top of the home page.  Hover the mouse over My Listings and click on Manage Listings from the drop down menu. (fig.1)


2. Once within the Manage Listings Page, hover the mouse over a listing to select that listing.  When a listing is selected the listing will turn blue, and there will be two icons on the far right side of the listing.  The two icons are a pencil with paper and three dots.  Click on the three dots.  Then from the drop down menu, click on Open House. (fig. 2)

(fig. 2)

3. The Manage Listings - Open Houses page will now display. (fig. 3) 


(fig .3)

4. Click on the "Add one here" button or the Plus symbol button in the upper right corner to add an Open House. Once either option is clicked, the Edit Open House menu will display in the center of the screen. (fig.4)

(fig. 4)

5. Within the Edit Open House menu you must select the Open House type, the date for the Open House, the start time, and the end time.  You may also choose to check mark the box for a weekly recurring Open House if the Open House is labeled as Public. Open House Remarks can be added here as well.  After you have input all of the required information click on Save.

 Note: Once an Open House has been added to a listing, Open House information will display within the upper right hand corner of the Full view of a listing directly above Days on Market   Users can then click the More Info link within the Open House field to see additional details.