Please note: If you are attempting to copy photos from another listing, the listing that you're attempting to copy photos to must first be made Active. If that listing is not Active, the option to copy photos to your listing will not appear. Also, the listing that you are copying photos from must be one of your listings.

1. Click on My Listings > Media Manager.

2. Choose the correct Status and Class for you listing and click View Listings

3. Under the photos column, click the number of photos that the listing currently has. This will take you to the listing's photos upload page.

4. Locate and click the "Click here to import photos from another listing" link located at the top-right corner of the page.

5. After clicking the link, you'll be prompt to input the MLS number for the listing you wish to copy photos from. 

6. Click the Copy Photos button. All the listing photos from the previous listing will now appear on the current listing.