The inventory option allows the broker to see all inventory for their office. Furthermore, the broker can view inventory by office, particular users, property types, or property statuses in order to gather more specific information.

Listing Detail

A listing detail report lets the broker view an agent’s performance during a specified time-frame. An agent is able to view the total sides of transactions the agent had with volume compared to office sales transactions and volume. The report also calculates the agent’s percentage of office sales. A report can be generated per area, property type, or property status.

Office Performance

This displays the volume and total number of sides for the office’s transactions. If the broker is a multi-office broker, they can compare the office’s stats to those of another office. A report can be generated per area, property type, and property status.

Agent Performance

Extremely similar to and provides the same information to that of the Listing Detail report. This report provides the broker information pertaining to agent’s sides and volume of transactions compared to that of the office’s. 

Market Penetration

A broker can view a market penetration report to compare an office’s sales statistics to that of all other sales within RealTracs. Information displayed includes the number of transaction sides and total office volume.