Please note:  Steps 1-4 only apply to listings that are no longer appearing within your Manage Listings page because the listing is older than 30 days from withdrawing, expiring, or clos.  If you have a listing that is still within your Manage Listings page and would like to copy it, start at step 5. 

1. Click My Listings > Manage Listings.

2. Select the Search My Listings option in the upper left corner of the Manage Listings page.

3. Click on the field provided for Search by MLS #.

4. Enter in the MLS # you wish to copy and Search.  The specified listing will display within Manage Listings.

5. Click the three horizontal dots on the right side of the listing.

6. Select the Copy Listing option located from the list.

7. A box will appear in the middle of your screen. Ensure that the listing agent's name for the original specified MLS # is in the Listing Agent Name field. If you wish to include the photos when copying the listing, ensure that Yes is selected for Copy All Photos. To proceed to copy the listing, select Create Copy.

8. After clicking on the Create Copy button, the Edit page will display where you can modify the previous listing's information. Be sure to click "Save" on the left-hand side of the screen to create the incomplete copy. You can also make the listing Coming Soon or Active immediately from this page. 

Note: Agents are only capable of copying their own listings. A broker or office administrator can copy one agent's listing to another if both agents are within that office.