Billing - Getting Started

RealTracs has a new billing system that makes paying invoices easier than ever before!

  • Auto Pay - Keep your payment method securely on file and the amount due will be deducted automatically.
  • ACH Payments - The new billing system accepts ACH payments from your checking or savings account.
  • Integrated - Billing is now accessed on by clicking on the arrow next to your name and then Billing Info.
  • Ease of Use - Always know the status of your account. A new account window shows you a quick snapshot of your account.
  • Billing History - A streamlined billing history with 90 days of transactions is displayed by default.
  • Sponsored Account - Sponsored accounts allow an account owner or accounting staff to take responsibility for other accounts in the office. This includes all subscription charges, fees, fines, and annual SentriLock fees (if applicable).

Account Summary

Get a snapshot of your account at a glace. The status window will communicate your account balance, any actions that need to be taken, and a list of the accounts you sponsor (if any).

Getting Started

  1. Access your Billing Page in by selecting Billing Info from the drop-down next to your name.
  2. Your billing summary is at the top of the page. Click Add Payment Method to enter your payment information.
  3. Enter your credit or debit card information on the Add Payment Method screen and click Add Card.

For ACH payments from your checking or savings account, select ACH (Electronic Check) and click Initiate Verification. Please note: ACH verification can take between three to five days to complete. This process is controlled by your financial institution.

Sponsoring Another User

If you are a broker with a paid staff person who needs RealTracs MLS access or an agent who employees a paid assistant and pays for his/her access, you can Sponsor their account and have their invoices sent straight to your billing account for payment. To sponsor another user:

  1. Go to your billing page and select Sponsored Accounts from the menu.
  2. You will see a list of users (if any) whose account you currently sponsor. Click Add Account Sponsor to sponsor a new user.
  3. Search for, or select the user you wish to sponsor.
  4. On the confirmation page, you can view the next renewal date as well as any outstanding balances and your billing history. To accept the sponsorship, type AGREE in the grey box and click Add Sponsored Account.
  5. The newly sponsored user will now appear on your billing page.

Please note: ALL charges for a sponsored user (subscription fees, Auto Notify, fines, and SentriLock) will be billed to the sponsor.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

All Users

Q – When was the new billing system be released?

The updated billing system was released September 4, 2018.

Q – Do I still pay quarterly?

No. Subscription fees are now billed on the first day of each month.

Q – How much are my fees?

The price of MLS service is $42 per month.

Q – What types of payment do you accept?

The billing system accepts all major credit and debit cards. ACH payments from a checking or savings account are accepted as well.

Q – Will I need to log in every month to pay?

Absolutely not! Your account information is stored securely and processed by Stripe, an industry leader in payment processing used by companies such as Under Armour, Amazon, and Uber.

Q – Can I make a payment at the RealTracs office or mail in a payment?

No. All payments must be made online via the billing system. Mailed or in-person payments of any kind including those sent from your bank via an automatic bill pay service are not accepted.

Q – How are any relist fees I incur paid?

All $25 relist fees incurred will be charged immediately to the payment method on file upon acceptance of the charge.

Q – I currently pay for Prospector email notifications. Is that changing?

Yes. Prospector and Buyers/Sellers have been combined into Auto Notify. Auto Notify is changing to a monthly billing cycle with the following pricing.

Q – What do I need to do to prepare for the new billing system?

The most important thing is to place a payment method on file. Billing can be found by clicking the down arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner and clicking Billing Info. You will see your Account Status at the top of the page, and just below that is where you enter a payment method.

Q – Can I still pay for my personal assistant’s service fee?

Yes. You can choose to sponsor your personal assistant’s account, and the invoice will be to be sent to your RealTracs account for payment.

Q - I pay for my RealTracs service with via my bank's Automatic Bill Pay service. Can I continue to do that?

No. Payments must be made via a stored payment method in the online billing system.

For Office Brokers

Q – Are fees for the office changing?

YES! We are happy to inform you that office fees are going away! Any unlicensed staff person in your office with RealTracs system access will be billed $15 per month starting with the October service period. Waivers for office staff are being removed.

Q – I have two staff people in my office on a staff waiver currently. What do they need to do?

That depends on who will pay their MLS fees going forward. If the office staff is paying their own subscription, they need to login to and enter a payment method. If you as the broker are paying, you need to Sponsor their account.

Q – What is a Sponsored user or account?

A sponsored account allows you to take financial responsibility for the individual accounts of other users in your office. This includes ALL charges including SentriLock, Auto Notify charges, withdraw/relist fees, or fines.

Q – Can I just sponsor and pay for the monthly service charges only?

No. If you sponsor a user’s account, you will be responsible for all charges incurred on that account.

Q – How do I sponsor an account?

  1. Visit your billing page and select Sponsored Accounts from the menu to the left.
  2. Click Add Account Sponsor to select the account for sponsorship.
  3. Review the confirmation and account balance (if any) and digitally sign by typing AGREE in the box. Click Add Sponsored Account.
  4. The sponsored account will now be included in the billing charges and history of the sponsor.
  5. A list of all sponsored account can be found in the Sponsored Accounts section of your billing page.

Q – I put my payment method on file. What else do I need to do?

There are a couple of things you want to do. First, make sure your sponsored accounts are correct. If you have multiple staff waivers currently, they will need to either A) have a payment method on file or B) be sponsored by the broker to avoid a disruption in service on October 1. Second, if you happen to have old staff waivers setup for the office, be sure they are ‘cleaned up.’ All office staff logins will be charged $15 monthly.

Q – Can I remove an account once sponsored?

Absolutely. Select the user you would like to remove in the Sponsored Accounts section of billing and click Remove Sponsorship.

Current Users on an Office Staff Waiver

Q – I was on a staff waiver before, now what?

As part of the restructure of RealTracs’ billing system, office staff waivers have been eliminated. Office staff who require MLS access will incur a charge of $15 monthly.

Q – My broker is paying for my account. However, when I log in to RealTracs, it is requesting I add a payment method. Why?

For your account to continue to be paid by the office, your broker must add you to the list of sponsored accounts for the office (see above). Once this is done, the notice will go away, and you will see a notification in the Account Status window at the top of your billing page stating who your account is sponsored by. Please note: the account must be sponsored or paid by October 1 to avoid a disruption in service.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q – I paid for the year in advance at $40 per month. Do I need to go back and pay the difference since the monthly charge is now $42?

No. If you prepaid for any number of service periods, RealTracs will honor the previous service rate. The adjustment will come in the form of an account credit that could be used toward other charges.

Q – When will I be billed for additional charges?

Extra charges for relist fees, fines, etc. will be charged as they are incurred. There will be a grace period on all accounting charges until October 1.

Download FAQs

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