Listing syndication is FREE through ListHub.

Your decision to pay for ListHub's enhanced services should be based upon the features offered and NOT because your want your listings to be syndicated.

NOTE: Syndication to ListHub partner websites is restricted by broker and/or corporate preferences. And, while ListHub syndicates to all websites listed to the right, not all listings will be syndicated to all sites due to geographic or other niche requirements of the website. For a specific list of which websites syndicate a particular listing, you should visit your ListHub Broker or Agent Dashboard.

To clarify what this means to you as a RealTracs user, we would like to explain syndication further, as well as the additional features offered to RealTracs users from ListHub 

Syndication is simply sending listing information from RealTracs to ListHub, who then shares or syndicates your listing(s) to pre-approved websites. However, this does not grant ListHub exclusivity to the syndication of your listings, Many companies have offered this service for several years - ListHub is simply another option available to you.

Please keep in mind that while ListHub does offer additional paid services through their Pro and Pro-Plus subscription plans, RealTracs users are in no way obligated to purchase these services, nor will the presence or lack of an account affect your listings being syndicated.

Paid ListHub accounts are optional and provide tools to assist you in developing an overall online marketing strategy. Syndication of your listings through ListHub is included in your monthly MLS fees, and controlled through the Principal Broker's dashboard.

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