Business Office

Stuart White

President & Chief Executive Officer

Stuart is Captain of the S.S. RealTracs and has been at the helm since day one. He has seen it all, heard it all, and is an expert on all things MLS.

Over the years, Stuart has served on numerous industry boards and advisory groups and is currently a member of the MLS Roundtable as well as a director on the MLS Grid Board of Managers, a national real estate data platform that he created along with seven other MLS executives.

A graduate of Texas A & M, Stuart guides the strategic direction of RealTracs and is a true visionary for the industry.

Sandy Aley


Sandy is the first person you hear when you call RealTracs and can solve just about any problem with an efficiency and grace.

Also known as "Precious", she tirelessly jumps in whenever and wherever needed around the office. She might be sort of a teacher's pet, but don't tell her we said that.

Linda Mears

Office Manager & HR

Linda is the "Mama Bear" of the RealTracs office and helps ensure everything and everyone from Directors to employees and RealTracs customers are well taken care of. Along with Stuart, Linda has been here since the very beginning.

Linda is head of HR so we sort of have to talk about how great she is just to ensure we can stay in her good graces. OK, OK, of course, we are kidding. Or are we?

Margaret Johnson

Customer Service Coordinator

Margaret has been with RealTracs for over 20 years and handles the never-ending and always important task of office and user data changes. Without her, this choo-choo train called RealTracs would come to a screeching halt.

Cindy Couey

Director of Data Compliance

Cindy is the compliance manager for the MLS, or as we like to say, the data deputy of RealTracs. She ensures all of the information entered is accurate and follows the rules. You remember all that great data getting used daily in the MLS? You can thank her for it.

Derek Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Derek is all things numbers here at RealTracs, and he makes sure we are all putting the decimal in the correct place when adding. He also keeps trying to explain long division, but no one really listens.

As a native of Knoxville and graduate from the University of Tennessee, Derek is a big ole fan of all things Big Orange.

Teressa Elliott

Accounting Manager

As the accounting manager at RealTracs, Teressa plays an important role in making sure we keep our checkbook balanced. If you want to find Teressa outside of work, there's a good chance she is on a field or in a gym cheering on her kids.

Technical Operations, Training, & Support

Mark Hill

VP, Communications & External Relations

Mark is the person at RealTracs you want to call for anything website, IDX, or data related. Need to get online fast? He is who you want to contact.

He is also a high school football official and doesn't go anywhere without his flag or whistle. So, if you aren't careful he will try to use both without warning. Our advice? Just throw the flag back at him.

Julie Davis

VP, Operations

Julie is an Alabama girl through and through. Born and raised in south Alabama, she has a Public Relations Degree from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). Being in Tennessee for the last several years has certainly not dampened Julie's school spirit for the Tide.

While you will never, EVER, see her cheering on another college football team, she is a big Predators hockey fan and is even the co-host of her own hockey podcast!

Bobbi Jo Nugent

Director of Customer Happiness

C'mon, the title says it all. Bobbi Jo is the sultan of smile, the titan of training, the...well, you get the picture.

As the Director of Customer Happiness and Training, Bobbi Jo is always looking for new and innovative ways to teach and train the thousands of professionals that use RealTracs every day.

Donna Johnson

Customer Happiness Representative

Everyone we meet agrees that Donna is a walking bundle of happiness. As a RealTracs CHR, Donna is always there to assist, train, and be a conduit for whatever your needs are.

Word on the street is she was a defensive machine as the net girl on an Australian netball team. And, bonus points if you know what netball is without consulting Dr. Google.

JoAnn Henslee

Customer Happiness Representative

When you talk with JoAnn, you find yourself wondering, "Has she ever had a bad day?" That's because she is never without a great attitude even when presented with the most challenging training or technical problem.

JoAnn thrives off of being able to educate the masses and does it in style. Register for one of her courses as soon as possible, and you will be a believer too.

Liz McCarthy

Customer Happiness Representative

Liz is an all-star member of the stellar team of Customer Happiness Reps and can help RealTracs' users without skipping a beat.

Speaking of not skipping a beat, Liz is a lover of all things music and also a huge fan of musicals. So, if you ask nicely she might sing part of the training to you or serenade you while setting up an auto-notify. Well, it's worth asking about anyway.

Kymberly Petty

Customer Happiness Representative

Kymberly is the latest great addition to the Customer Happiness Team and brings an infectious desire to help everyone she comes in contact with. You have questions? She has answers.

Kymberly also has an impressive hiking resume under her belt and has probably seen and hiked more miles of trails, creek beds, and waterfalls than Lewis and Clark. Trust us on that, we've seen the pictures.

Keith Yount

Director of Product Operations

Keith heads up a technical support and QA team that is second to none. With years of system experience under his belt, there is not a question he doesn't know the answer to.

Kevin Zahn

Technical Support Specialist

Kevin is a member of the star-studded ensemble that is RealTracs technical support. As a former military man, Kevin takes an analytical approach to support and explains it in a way that anyone can understand.

Be sure you give Kevin a ring for any systems related issue you come across....or if you need to call in air support.

Christy Simmons

Technical Support Specialist

Christy is the member of our support team that helps answer billing questions for your office. She is always eager to help with any questions you have regarding billing or anything else.

Christy is a foodie at heart, so if you happen to speak with her, be sure to bring up your favorite recipe to share.

Brian Bass

Technical Support Specialist

Brian shows over and over why he is a trusted and go-to source for information about all things RealTracs. Brian is an avid gamer and also enjoys hiking and boating.

It is likely you might see Brian floating the river wearing the latest in Call of Duty river camouflage. OK, not really, but we would really like to see that.

Casey Phillips

Technical Support Specialist

As the newest member of RealTracs' Technical Support team, Casey has proven to be an invaluable asset to our customers. He is always thinking on his feet and can adapt to any situation.

As a former professional actor, he has to be, right? Something else that sets Casey apart is that he is martial arts certified through the World Taekwondo, we sort of have say nice things about him.