Since we do not have instructions specific to your device, you may have to setup the account on your own. You can reference the correct settings from the chart below.

User Settings:

Email Address:Your RealTracs Email
Username:Your RealTracs Email

Incoming Server Settings:Server Address:Port:

POP Server (SSL):
IMAP Server (SSL):secure.emailsrvr.com993
POP Server (Non-SSL):pop.emailsrvr.com110
IMAP Server (Non-SSL):imap.emailsrvr.com143

Outgoing Server Settings:Server Address:Port:

SMTP Server (SSL):secure.emailsrvr.com465
SMTP Sever (Non-SSL):smtp.emailsrvr.com25, 587, 8025, 2525

*For non-SSL SMTP, you can use any of the ports listed. Some networks block port 25, which is why we provide the alternate ports.