Disabling the Built-In Microsoft Edge PDF Viewer

In Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is the default PDF Viewer. Unfortunately, this can sometimes prevent certain files from properly opening in Adobe Reader. In order to make Adobe the default viewer:

1. Open the Windows Start Menu and click on Settings

(Image Retrieved: Feb. 2019)

2. Click on System(Image Retrieved: Feb. 2019)

3. Select Default Apps on the left (fig. 3)

4. Scroll down and select Choose default Apps by file type (fig. 3)

(fig. 3)(Image Retrieved: Feb. 2019)

5. Scroll down and look for .pdf on the left side

  1. Next to .pdf, click on Microsoft Edge to choose an app
  2. Once the Choose an app popup opens, select Adobe Reader to set as the default app to open the PDF file type


                        (Image Retrieved: Feb. 2019)