Chrome on a PC

When printing in Chrome, you will likely get a file download at the bottom of the browser with the file you are attempting to view (fig. 1).

(fig. 1) 

            (Image Retrieved: May 2016)

  1. To view the options on how to adjust pdf settings, click the down arrow to the right of the file name (outlined in fig.1 above).
  2. From the options that appear, select Always open in Adobe Reader (fig. 2). This accomplishes two different things:
    1. Reports pulled as a pdf will open automatically
    2. Print reliability will improve versus using the browser PDF viewer

(fig. 2)

   (Image Retrieved: May 2016)

Chrome on a MAC

  1. Open Chrome, and go to: chrome://plugins
  2. Locate the Chrome PDF Viewer, and do the following:
    • To use the Chrome PDF Viewer, find the plug-in and make sure the Browser Plugin and internal PDF viewer are enabled and that Always Allowed to Run is checked (fig. 1)
    • When the PDF is downloaded, the file will appear at the bottom of the page (fig. 4) and can be opened within Chrome's system viewer or the installed reader on the PC

(fig. 3)                                                                (fig. 4)

  (Image Retrieved: May 2016)