If you need to grant a user in your office permission to sign in as another user (as a personal assistant, office administrator, etc.), there are just a few short steps to follow.

Please note: this feature is only available to users with office broker or multi-office broker permissions, or their designee.

1. To add Sign In Permissions for a user, click User Management from the Broker Management Section of the Office Page in the main RealTracs menu (fig. 1).

(fig. 1)

(Image Retrieved: May 2019)

  1. First, select the user you wish to make changes for and then click the blue Add Permissions button (fig. 2).

    (fig. 2)
    (Image Retrieved: May 2019)
  2. After making your selection, choose who the user can sign in for. You can search for, or scroll to your selections(s) and then click on the name(s) to choose. Once finished, click outside of the dropdown to hide it and click Continue (fig. 3).
  3. A confirmation screen will appear; review your choices, and click save to Add Permissions (fig. 4).

(fig. 3)                                                                            (fig. 4)

(Images Retrieved: Aug. 2018)

2. To remove Sign in Permissions for a user, follow the same steps and uncheck the names in the "Who will [agent name] be signing in as?" drop-down list.

To view the steps on how to log in as another user, click here.