Media Manager - What is it?

The Media Manager is an easy to use tool designed to allow users to upload, edit, and manage photos, virtual tours, and documents easier than ever. The Media Manager is available for all property classes (Residential, Land-Lot-Farm, Multi-Family, Commercial, and Rental).

Where is it Found?

You can access the Media Manager by moving your mouse pointer over My Listings on the Navigation Menu at the top of the screen, and then selecting Media Manager.

Where Can I Learn More?

For additional instruction, see the “Media Manager - Quick 1, 2, 3” tutorial; as well as the “Media Manager - Just Show Me!” video tutorial. Using the Media Manager is also covered in our Listing Management training sessions held at the RealTracs Office and area REALTOR® associations; visit to view the latest live training offerings.


Media Manager - Just Show Me!

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2016)

Media Manager - Quick 1, 2, 3

1. To add images, virtual tour links, and other URLs to your listings, you will utilize the new Media Manager. This important tool can be found in the My Listings menu from the main toolbar at the top of RealTracs and clicking Media Manager from the menu (fig 1).

(fig 1.)

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2018)

2. The Media Manager dashboard (fig. 2) allows you to search for a property by Listing Status, Property Type, or MLS Number. If you have access to multiple agents' information, you can view listings by Agent Name as well.

(fig. 2)

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2018)

  • Check the status and property class of the listing you wish to add or edit media for, then click View Listings
  • The listings will appear with basic information and three counters that reference specific media types. Click on the corresponding counter number under the type of media you wish to add or edit. For example, in figure 2 above, click on any of the 0 links to add images, documents, or URLs.

3. Clicking the link below the Media Type of a listing will launch the corresponding control panel: Images, Documents, or URLs.


  • To begin adding up to 30 images, click on the grey drop zone outlined below in red (fig. 3). You can add images to your listing a couple of different ways:
    • Dragging and dropping an image directly into the drop zone from your computer.
    • Selecting and uploading the image file from your computer so it appears in the drop zone.

Helpful Tip 1: Multiple images can be selected from your computer for placement into the drop zone

Helpful Tip 2: Images can be imported from another listing by clicking the blue import statement. All existing images (if any) will be overwritten with the new photos. An MLS number of the listing from which the images are copied from is required.

(fig. 3)

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2018)

  • Once your desired images are in the Drop Zone (fig. 4) you can upload them to your listing by clicking Add Photos to Listing.

(fig. 4)

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2018)

After the images are uploaded, they will appear in the editor where a primary image can be set by placing it in the first upper left most

position (fig. 5). An image can be moved to a new location by selecting and dragging it to the desired position within the editor.

Mobile Tip: Because this dragging and dropping a photo is not available on touch-screen mobile devices, you will need to move photos with the grey arrows at the bottom of the image (fig. 6).

Image orientation can be adjusted after the upload with the blue arrows , and deleted by clicking the red minus in the upper right of the corresponding image .

(fig. 5)

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2018)

(fig. 6) as seen on a mobile device

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2018)


You can add up to 7 documents to a listing. To start adding documents to your listing, click either the  icon, within the Drag & drop area, or drag and drop listings from your computer's file system directly to the Drag & drop area (fig. 7). When selecting a document to add or drag and drop it to the Drag & drop area, it'll automatically begin uploading to the listing. 

Once a document finishes uploading, the document count which appears under the Listing Documents title will also update (fig. 7)

  • You can rename the document which changes how it appears on your listing. This is done by clicking the  icon. 
  • If you wish to remove a document from your listing, click the icon. 

(fig. 7)

(Image retrieved: June 2019)


URLs can be added to link a Virtual Tour or a website to a listing.

  • Type in the URL of what you are wanting to link to, along with a description of the link, and click the + sign to the right of the row to add. (fig. 8)
  • If the URL or description needs to be changed, simply edit the description and click the Save button
  • If your URL is a Virtual Tour, check the box to the left. Please note, you can only select one virtual tour per listing.

Please Note: Be sure to enter the full URL including the http:// or https:// portion to ensure your link does not break. For example: if your

URL is, enter, or in the box. It is recommended to copy and paste your

link directly from the browser's address bar.

(fig. 8)

(Image retrieved: Aug. 2018)