Manage Listings is an interface designed to allow you to manage your current listings and enter in new listings into the MLS. Listings can be added for all property classes (Residential, Condominium, Land-Lot-Farm, Multi-Family, Commercial, and Rental)

1.  Move your mouse pointer over My Listings on the Navigation Menu at the top of the screen, and click Manage Listings from the menu below. (fig. 1)

(fig. 1)

2.  Once you are within the Manage Listings page, click on the Add New Listing button in the upper right corner of the page. (fig. 2) 

(fig. 2)

3.  The next page requires you to select the listing's Property Class and input the Property Address. If you have permissions to add or edit listings for more than one person within the office, you will have to input a LIstings Agent's name. Otherwise, your name should display as the Listing Agent automatically by default. 

Once you choose a Property Class and type the Property Address, CRS will automatically attempt to find the Tax ID for the property. If CRS finds a match, a brief summary of its tax information will display (fig. 3)

(fig. 3)

To link the address to the tax ID, check the property's tax information and select Next at the bottom of the page. 

4. If a tax ID was selected, the address information should populate within the next page. If a tax ID was not selected, you will be required to complete all the required fields on the page (fig. 4). The required fields include:

  • Street Number
  • Street Name
  • City, State
  • Zip Code
  • County
  • Area

(fig. 4)

Some of these fields only offer certain selections based on the information entered into other fields. Once all fields are completed, choose the Continue Updating option at the bottom of the page. 

5. The Edit Listing page should now display. Please note that all fields in blue are required, but it is highly recommended that you complete all fields. Listing input forms can be found here for assistance with completing the required fields. Some helpful tips:

  • A field with a number in parenthesis next to it indicates how many multiple selections can be made. Hold down Control (PC) or Command (Mac) while clicking to select multiple values.
  • Contact information is not permitted in the Remarks and Directions fields.
  • Do not select Save as Active until all of the listing media has been added.
  • List date is the date the listing agreement was signed.

6. Once you are finished entering the information there are two options:

  • Save as Active
  • Save as Coming Soon / Hold

Coming Soon / Hold will make the listing active but not available to show, and will only be seen on To make a listing Coming Soon / Hold, you must select an Active date no more than 30 days from the list date (fig. 5). This is helpful if your seller has requested no showings be scheduled for any reason, you are doing pre-marketing, or getting the home ready to sell, etc.

(fig. 5)

Where Can I Learn More?

For additional instruction, Manage Listings is also covered in the Listing Management Realtracs training session held at the Realtracs Office and area REALTOR® associations; visit to view the latest live training offerings.

Please note: the system automatically times out after 240 minutes. Please be sure to save your Edit page work/progress regularly.