The Other Search Types found in include an MLS Number Search and Cross-Class Search. The information gathered from performing any of these Searches can be viewed in a variety of different formats, used for statistical analysis, or shared with clients. The MLS Number Search is available for all property classes (Residential, Land-Lot-Farm, Multi-Family, Commercial, and Rental), and the Cross Class Search will search in any or all of the property classes selected.

1. To run a Property Search, hover your mouse over Search on the toolbar and select one of the searches available (fig. 1). Here you will see the MLS # and Cross Class Search options. 

(fig. 1)

2. After selecting the MLS # or Cross-Class search, a variety of options will display that pertain to the type of search being selected.

  • MLS # Search - When this search is selected, the search panel will only accept the entry of an MLS number. Multiple MLS numbers be searched for by simple separating each with a comma, space, and/or semicolon. The MLS # search searches across all property classes and statuses.
  • Cross Class - The Cross Class Search provides a way to enter specified search criteria and locate all properties, regardless of property class (Residential, Land-Lot-Farm, etc.) that meet the search selections. Because all search fields must be common to all property classes, those provided are restricted to the ones available to all property classes. This means that fewer search fields are available for use (fig. 2). Just like a normal property search, the selection of a Status is required

(fig. 2)

3. Once you have your desired search results, you can either print or share them.

  • To print the search results, place a check mark beside the properties you wish to print then click the Print drop down menu found in the results toolbar and choose the printing format. The available printable reports are the Agent Full Report, Agent 1/4 Report, Buyer Full Report, Buyer 1/4 Report, a Default Search Results List and a Statistics Report.
  • To share a listing by email, place a check mark beside the properties you wish to e-mail then click the Share button found in the results toolbar. Simply enter the email address of your desired recipients, compose a subject and body of the email, select the desired report type(s) to be sent, and click the blue Send button. Please note, emailed listing links are only available for thirty (30) days.

Archive Search is now Property History Report

The archive search option has been removed from RealTracs. The same listings that could be retrieved from an archive search are found when searching each property class. Simply include all listing statuses within your search and enter the property's address information into the street number, street name, city, zip code, etc. fields. 

A new property history report has also been introduced. This report is located at the bottom of each full-page listing within its History section (fig. 3). Click the "View a Complete Sales History" link within that section to see all archived listings for that address (fig. 4)

Fig. 3

 Fig. 4

You may view a property's previous listings by clicking the MLS number links in the furthest left column. 

To print the history report for a listing, select the listing and choose the Property History option from the Print drop-down menu atop of your search results page.