My Layouts- Quick 1, 2, 3

1. Layouts are the formatted results, in a list view, that are available to view and print. To view search results in the various layouts that are available, a successful search must first be run with at least one listing returned. Once desired search results have been acquired, select the List tab from the top of the mapped search results page (fig. 1).

(fig. 1)

(Image received:8/12/2020)

2. The default view displayed on the list view is the RealTracs layout that contains some of the most often used fields. However, customizing and reordering the fields on the results view to your personal needs is an easy task.

  • To reorder the columns, simply "grab" a column header with the mouse cursor and drag it to the desired location on the results page. By clicking a column header, results can be sorted by the values in that column in ascending or descending order - by list price, alphabetically, etc.
  • To Add/Remove a column, click the Columns button at the top of the list view, select Add/Remove (fig. 2), check the boxes of the column fields you would like to add, or deselect those you wish to remove, and click OK. You can also save the layout from the Add/Remove Columns window by checking the Save As: box at the top, naming the new layout, and clicking OK.

(fig. 2)

(Image received: 8/12/2020)

3. To save a layout or save as a default layout while in the layout view, select Save or Save Current as Default from the Columns drop down, give the layout a name, and click Save. Any saved layout is available and can be selected from My Layouts in the Columns selection menu.