Map Search - What is it?

The Map Search is a location-based search tool that can be used - with or without Common or Additional Criteria - to geographically search for properties. Please Note: selecting a Status is required.

Where is it Found?

The Map Search can be found by clicking Property Search from the top navigation bar and selecting the property class you wish to search - Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family, Land-Lots-Farms, and Rental.

Where Can I Learn More?

For additional instruction, see the “Map Search: Quick 1, 2, 3” tutorial.

Map Search: Quick 1, 2, 3

1. A Map Search is useful when searching for properties in a specific geographic area such as a particular neighborhood, homes close to shopping, etc. Before drawing the Map, a Listing Status is required and must be selected before the search is performed. Other Common Criteria can be added as needed as well as custom Additional Criteria. To draw a map search, select Draw from the list of options found just above the map and select whether you want to draw a free-form, radius, or square search area. (fig. 1).

(fig. 1)

(Photo retrieved: Aug. 2018)

2. There are three options for drawing a map to delineate a search area. Up to two areas may be drawn for a search. 

  • Free Form - Selecting Free Form will allow a random area to be drawn with the mouse. The search area does not have to be completely closed when drawing, as the system will create a straight line between the starting and ending points to finish the shape.
  • Radius - The Radius selection allows a circle shape to be drawn on the map without the need to plot map points. To draw, start by selecting a point on the map and hold until the desired area is achieved by moving the cursor. The diameter of the search area will display as the shape is drawn and can be adjusted later as well.
  • Square - Square searches are performed in a similar fashion to the Radius search. Select a point on the map to begin the search and drag your cursor until the desired search area is achieved.

3. There is a limit of 250 listings that can be returned on any single map search. If too many listings are found, or perhaps none were found at all, a revision of the Map Drawing or an adjustment of the Criteria - if any was entered - will be required. If you click in the search area,the outer limits can be adjusted by manipulating the perimeter points, or the red X can be clicked to delete the area altogether (fig. 2).

(fig. 2)

(Photo retrieved: Aug. 2018)