Auto Notify - What is it?

Auto Notify is an automated process whereby the RealTracs system takes a predefined Buyer search and automatically runs it at specified times, including instant notification. All Buyers, with an Auto Notify search setup, will receive updated listings at a pre-designated time when listings fitting their search criteria are entered in the system as new, come back on the market, have a price change over $1000, or have the status changed.

Where is it Found?

The Auto Notify search can be found by clicking Property Search from the Top Menu in RealTracs and choosing the Auto Notify option. 

Auto Notify - Quick 1, 2, 3

1. RealTracs Auto Notify allows you or your client to receive automatic emailed updates when a listing comes on the market that matches a predetermined search criterion. Setting up Auto Notify for yourself or a client is very easy and utilizes a step-by-step wizard. First, click Property Search from the top navigation bar and choose the Auto Notify option. 

2. To launch the setup wizard, click the Create New button at the top, and select the property class you would like to search from the selection box that appears after clicking. You will notice an orange bar appears at the top of the search screen, which lets you know Auto Notify wizard has successfully been launched.

  • Wizard Step One of Three: Step one is where the desired search criteria are entered using the criteria panel to the left of the map. The search functions just the same as the normal quick search you are already accustomed to, and as such, a status is required for a successful search. Remember, if you want to add fields that are not already on the panel, you can search for and add them by utilizing the Additional Criteria section at the bottom of the panel. To continue Step 1, click the orange button.
  • Once you receive your search results, there are some options you have before moving on to Step 2.
    • Revise the search criteria and restart the search
    • Click on the individual map flags for details
    • Open the search results list from the bottom of the map
    • Click on the different results tabs at the top to see the list, thumbnail, full, or statistics views.
  • Once you are satisfied with your results, click Next on the orange Auto-Notify wizard bar to move on to Step 2.

3. Once on Step 2, fill out the following: 

  • Description - This is for your referencing and will not be shown to the client
  • Contact - All clients must be setup as a Contact. If the Contact does not currently exist, you must click the Create a New Contact link located below the Contact field.
  • Send email to Contacts - Must be toggled ON (to the right) for notifications to be sent to the contact
  • Send me a copy of the email - Turn the toggle ON to also receive a notification
  • Frequency - The time frame in which you'd like to send the notifications (fig. 1)

(fig. 1)

(Image retrieved: May 2019)

  • Once your choices are made, click Next to activate the Auto Notification and choose what you would like to do next (fig 2). The options are:
    • Immediately share all of your search results with the client, and the Auto Notification will run at the next scheduled time
    • Manually share some of the results from a list view, and the Auto-Notification will run at the next scheduled time
    • Or to share none of these results now, click All Done and Auto Notification will run at the next scheduled time.

(fig. 2)

(Image retrieved: May 2019)

  • It's important to note that while listings get sent automatically, there is no guarantee the recipient is viewing what you send. If your Auto Notify recipient does not: a. open 16 consecutive auto notification emails AND b. show no activity for 30 consecutive days, the auto notification process will go inactive. If this happens, the auto notification can be initiated again by running a new search and sharing the results with your contact.
  • If a recipient unsubscribes from your auto-notification emails, you will not have the option to restart the search. (fig. 3)

(fig. 3)

(Image retrieved: May 2019)

Please note: Listing agents should be mindful of entering the listing accurately before making it Active. We recommend you add photos while the listing is still incomplete. Once a listing goes Active, it will be emailed out for any Auto Notify match immediately after it is saved.